Choosing Toys For Your Child

Choosing a toy for your child should be simple, but can seem like a field fraught with woe. Of course, leading Toy reviews can help you narrow down the range of toys available, but it’s still tough to know what to pick when there’s so much abundance. Below are our top tips.

There’s always new toys on the market, particularly in this age of media tie ins. No one could possibly be an expert on everything on the shelf, so it’s vital to know what to look for in a good toy. Firstly, most of us forget what the whole point of toys is- play is what children do to help shape them into the adult world. Playing is, in a very real way, a child’s job. They teach interaction, relationships and ways of thinking about the world, all while having fun. Adults tend to project a lot of themselves into a toy- your values, what you think is important, and your relationships with the world around you.

The basics of a good toy box is not actually as difficult as you may think it is. Very simple toys like blocks and Legos make for a must-have experience for babies and toddlers that won’t break the bank. Remember, too, that if your little one is enrolled in any kind of school or after care program, they will spend a lot of time in play interaction every day too, and will have well stocked boxes, so it’s not world ending if everything isn’t at home.

As toddlers get older, games such as dress up and other real-life simulations will become more and more appealing. Your child doesn’t need the fancy, crawling, speaking version- simple dolls will do as well. Young children have immense imaginations. A few changes of clothes will be all you need to unlock their imagination. Expand that into a dress up box, too.

Likewise, toolboxes, kitchen equipment and more will be great ways for them to explore the world with you- children like to imitate what they see their parents doing. Remember, that’s both sets for both genders! Sturdy plastic animals allow hours of world building when combined with the blocks and Lego. A doll house will allow them to explore the adult world around them in safety and fun.

Finger-paint and art supplies will become increasingly useful for children as they get older. Children of any age will enjoy simple rhythm makers. Even very young children respond to sound, and the instrument can get more complicated as they age. Of course, don’t get so caught up on brain training that you forget the benefits of physical exercise. Everything from balls to jump ropes will encourage activity in an increasingly sedentary world.

Remember above all to always pick toys with your child in mind, not your nostalgia or wishes. A world of play and exploration is easy to access at any budget level.