The Cost Of Ink Cartridges

When you buy ink for your printer today, you will also pay the cost of the cartridge in which the ink is provided in. This is a cost which is repeated every time you buy ink because the cartridges are disposable, designed to be thrown away once the ink they hold has been fully used up. This is an expense which has caused the ink to cost a price comparable, millilitre for millilitre, with the expensive champagnes in the world. The cost of ink in the future though may change thanks to the environmentalists. The environmentalists claim that 1.8 billion regular ink cartridges and an additional 500 million laser jet ink cartridges have been placed in landfills and that is just up until 2011 and a further 350 million have been placed in landfills annually since. This is one of the strains on the landfills and one which among other things, can be avoided. Their concerns have been heard by the US government and some of the European governments who are now considering legislation to outlaw the use of disposable ink cartridges, requiring instead that all future print ink cartridges be refillable. If this comes to pass, although an original ink cartridge may cost more than the current disposable ones, at least the refills should be cheaper after that. As for just a little extra inconvenience, users will receive cheaper ink, it is doubtful that the new law, if passed, would be difficult to enforce.

If the law is passed it will of course affect the different printer manufacturers including one of the biggest HP who perhaps provide the top hp 364 ink cartridges available. The legislation, like most others though, will probably not affect any printers or cartridges that are currently in use and will only be applicable for new printers yet to be manufactured. Still, the thought of cheaper ink soon possibly becoming available will please many households that find they are using an increasing amount due to the increase in the amount of school homework which is expected to be presented in print form rather than hand written. As many times school work may need copies as well as printing, the manufacturers have for some time now, been providing printers that also have the capability to copy and even scan which is very convenient for household use, not only does it assist in saving space but also requires less sockets than three separate machines would need. One of the printers that will be particularly affected is the laser jet printers. As apart from the ink cartridges that need to be replaced frequently, the drum on the laser jet printer also has to be replaced from time to time, some manufacturers have included the drum in their ink cartridges for convenience. If the new law comes into effect the drums will have to be bought separately from the ink. When a drum has become used, you can tell when it needs changing as it will start to print erratically.